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Thank you for your support!


Thank you to those who gave a much appreciated donation during Rising Sun Program’s wealth literacy campaign. Our self-funded 192 mile, 13-day Coast-to-Coast Walk across England, May 18-30, 2015 was an astounding accomplishment and success. We hope you were able to follow our progress, if not, view our journey now !

We shared wealth literacy principles along the way via our daily journal with individuals like yourself as well as a blog for school children who learned practical lessons about how to apply these skills with interactive questions for their parents and teachers.

Your donation supports programming for many underserved youth and their parents to have access to critical life skills that enable them to understand and manage financial and personal well-being. As a family and community unit, individuals are empowered to begin changing their mindsets and belief systems as critical keys for change.

We will periodically keep you abreast of the exciting developments that are planned for 2015-2016 and beyond. 

Warm regards,

The Wealth Club Team


  Experiences for Life

The purpose of Rising Sun Cultural and Educational Programs Inc. is to be a catalyst for the development and growth of youth and young adults. This is facilitated by promoting a unique approach to building life skills and life enhancing experiences. At the core of Rising Sun Programs® and its signature program, The Wealth Club®, is our belief that the ultimate success of our youth is enhanced by teaching "wealth literacy" skills, which include financial well-being and the holistic development of the mind, body and spirit. 


We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization serving youth and young adults in the United States and abroad. We challenge and encourage our participants to expand their thinking and awareness through accelerated learning and highly interactive workshops that demonstrate the interconnectedness between intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial well-being. Our approach teaches "wealth literacy" - the components of which are rarely offered in homes or at school.