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Wealth literacy is the ability to understand and manage personal and financial well-being™

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Join our vision copy trading binomo to teach and encourage youth and adults to succeed in our interconnected world through the transformational power of wealth literacy!
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PART 2 – Provides simple and effective tips that youth and adults can implement right away


PART 3 – Defines our wealth literacy curriculum and how it can be implemented in your schools, organizations and communities.

Find Your True Wealth By Traveling The Road To Better Health, Finance, and Happiness With The Wealth Club®

We Challenge You!
April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month

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At the core of Rising Sun Programs’ corporate philosophy, is the belief that wealth is derived from well-being in all dimensions of one’s life.



— We Have Expertise

All team members have successfully demonstrated mastery of their subject matter expertise and are trained to deliver challenging content within a creative context in keeping with our unique “Rising Sun Programs” brand. 


— We Provide Services

The services of Rising Sun Programs fall within two broad categories: (1) Delivery of The Wealth Club® educational programs to youth, young adults, and women; (2) Providing technical assistance training to organizations serving youth, young adults, and women in a context similar to that of Rising Sun Programs.


— We Strengthen

We offer personal growth and development training opportunities for youth, young adults and women. Our wealth literacy programs utilize innovative methodologies that combine both experiential and didactic learning modalities in a highly interactive environment. 


— We Educate

All Wealth Club programs are uniquely designed to educate, inspire and entertain. Participants gain valuable knowledge and experiences that heighten their awareness of life as a continuous educational adventure. 


— We Train

Coaching is available on the unique curricula content and context adapted for innovative use by Rising Sun Programs. Webinars, train-the-trainer workshops and peer educator training experiences are also available to interested educators, facilitators, parents, and youth.


— We Consult

In addition to its work in the United States, Rising Sun Programs has received accolades from the American International School. In the fall, 2007, The Wealth Club financial literacy workshop was introduced to students in grades 9-11 at the American International School Abuja (AISA) in Nigeria, West Africa. 


Wealth means a lot more than money…
After taking a role in the Wealth Club I got to learn that wealth means a lot more than money, wealth means happiness, it means living a fulfilling life, and it means living a sustainable life…

Fail to Plan…

You really need to save your money. Most people don’t plan to fail , they fail to plan.


We know that true wealth is so much more than MONEY, but we recognize the need for MONEY to bring The Wealth Literacy Project to youth and their families throughout the United States.

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